Feel Good With These Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes

‘Tis the season of pie, panettone, and figgy pudding! But, despite an apparent abundance of gluten-containing holiday dishes, your next potluck doesn’t have to cause a headache (or bellyache). We have plenty of gluten-free holiday recipes and tips to ensure that all feel holiday cheer at your next dinner party.

Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes Fit for a Dinner Party

One of the most reliable ways to ensure that your gluten-free loved ones are well-fed at your next holiday party is to stock the table with some of your favorite gluten-free recipes.

Our Sautéed String Beans + Crispy Shallots are a great gluten-free alternative to green bean casserole and take less than 30 minutes to prep and cook. Simply fry your chopped shallots, sauté your garlic and green beans, combine, and serve! See the full recipe here.

Are you searching for an autumnal gluten-free dessert? Our Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cookies + Chocolate Chips are guaranteed to please. This cozy staple is perfect for your next holiday party (if you’re willing to share them).

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance recipe option, you can’t beat the simplicity of popping a gluten-free meal into the oven. Our products at Feel Good Foods are perfect for a casual weeknight or a celebratory dinner. Most of our snackable, shareable products fit the bill if you’re prepping for your next potluck. Our mini pierogies, egg rolls, and mac & cheese bites are our top picks for a gluten-free holiday feast!

And, if you’re looking for celiac-friendly charcuterie and appetizer spread inspiration, our post on The Feel Good Holiday Season is a great place to start.

Ensure a Safe Environment for Gluten-Free Guests

Some of the biggest holiday dinner hurdles for gluten-free guests come down to cross-contamination. If you’re planning on serving both gluten-containing and gluten-free dishes at your next party, here are our main pieces of advice:

  • Make sure you have separate serving utensils and cooking stations for gluten-free and gluten-containing dishes. If a guest has celiac disease, this is key to ensuring that their meal is truly gluten-free. Ultimately, if a gluten-free guest chooses to eat beforehand or bring their own food, this is not meant as a slight against your cooking skills; they may have had negative experiences at a previous potluck and are taking steps to protect their health and well-being.
  • Vet your refreshments. Luckily, most wine is gluten-free; however, bottled wine coolers, beer, and drink mixes may not be. Ensure that everyone can drink safely at your next party by providing a variety of libations!
  • Separate your stuffing. Classic holiday meats — such as turkey, ham, and brisket — are naturally gluten-free. However, they are often prepared with gluten-containing sides, such as stuffing, wheat flour-based gravy, and wheat starch-based glaze. Feel free to stock the table with stuffing, gravy, and glaze, but refrain from preparing them with your meats in order to keep the main course gluten-optional. Additionally, if you’re cooking meat in a cooking bag, opt for cornstarch instead of flour!
  • Sub in ingredients sans-allergens. Many holiday recipes call for unexpected additions of gluten-containing ingredients. Make sure to review your go-to holiday recipes to ensure their accessibility. For example, many potato dishes call for flour as a binding ingredient; cream-based dishes may call for gluten-containing cream soup; latkes often call for wheat flour; and, surprisingly, not all cornbread is gluten-free.
  • Don’t shy away from pre-made. If there aren’t designated gluten-free cooking spaces in your home, opting for a pre-made gluten-free pie crust can be a great way to save time and ensure that your gluten-free guests can enjoy dessert. Check out this list of pre-made gluten-free pie crusts.
  • If you want to go above and beyond, take the time to craft food labels for each dish that denote potential allergens. Or, simply place gluten-containing and gluten-free dishes on separate tables.

Gluten-Free Gift Ideas

If a loved one has recently discovered a gluten allergy or intolerance, gifting snacks from Feel Good Foods is a great way to help them find delicious meals sans allergens. Cook up a batch of your favorite product from Feel Good Foods, or bring them a few boxes to stock their freezer. There are plenty of other ways to advocate for gluten-free folks; check out our guide on how to support a friend with celiac disease for more tips.

You’re sure to work up an appetite amongst the hustle and bustle of the holidays; give yourself the gift of convenient deliciousness by saving a few boxes of Feel Good Foods for your own freezer!