Food Is Fuel

Some 2019 inspiration from contributing writer and NYC Core Power yoga instructor Alex Scolari.


I feel lucky that at a young age, I learned that food is fuel. Growing up as a vegetarian, I had to always be mindful of what I was putting in my body. Ever since I can remember, I have had a lot on my plate (literally!), and nutritious food has always been key in supporting my active lifestyle.

I’ve been a dancer since I was a little girl and through my years of dance training and dancing professionally, I found another love that not only complimented the intense physical activity of dance but also added balance and peace to life in crazy New York City…yoga. When I saw the mental and physical benefits of yoga practice, I knew that I wanted to expand my practice and share my love of yoga through teaching it!

I now teach heated power vinyasa as well as a class called “yoga sculpt” which combines yoga with weights, cardio, interval training, and more to create an intense but incredibly fun workout! All of these classes take place at CorePower Yoga. Sometimes I teach multiple classes a day in various locations so I’ll find myself running around the city from the Upper West Side, to Bryant Park, to Williamsburg, to Tribeca all in a few hours and this is when I am reminded of what I learned as a child: “Food is Fuel.”

I have been plant-based for over a year and I feel like my diet supports my lifestyle and helps me stay energized while I’m running around the city teaching yoga. Throughout the day I focus on eating high-protein meals and smoothies that contain a bunch of fruits and veggies. And after long fitness-filled days, I try and eat grain bowls that consist of fiber, protein, vegetables and legumes because not only are these important, but they are also delicious and can be quite comforting after a busy day in the city! It’s easy during a busy day to resort to fast foods that are easily accessible, but usually these foods lack in nutrition and “fuel” to power us through our crazy schedules.

All I know is that I feel much better after I’ve eaten a meal or snack that I put some time and thought into making or buying, and I think that having mindfulness when it comes to food is vital. Realizing and understanding the benefits of a healthy diet have long lasting positive affects on our lives and practicing this just one day at a time is an easy way to embrace a life that supports the idea that “Food is Fuel.”