Your Gluten-Free Guide to Awards Season Snacks

If you’ve tuned into any awards shows this year, you know that a good snack spread is an essential part of the viewing experience. Luckily for you, we have plenty of easy gluten-free recipes that are fit for the red carpet or the couch.


This snack is simultaneously simple and swanky, making it the perfect companion to any awards show.
Simply grab a gluten-free baguette, and top as desired. Some of our favorite recipes include the sweet and savory pairing of prosciutto and melon; the salty snap of olive tapenade, ricotta, and honey; the comforting combination of butternut squash, caramelized onions, and goat cheese; and, of course, the classic coupling of heirloom tomato and whipped ricotta.
Feeling adventurous? Replace the gluten-free bread with red skin potatoes and top with crème fraîche, lemon zest, onions, herbs, garlic, and smoked trout.


Don’t relegate this gluten-free appetizer to game night; a great dip is a welcome addition at any watch party, whether you’re donning a jersey or rolling out the red carpet.
Looking for your salty and creamy fix? Our crab rangoon dip recipe has got you covered. If you’re searching for something on the savory side, this onion and bacon sour cream dip pairs perfectly with our gluten-free mini pierogies. Or, opt for a time-honored Sunday night classic: 7 layer dip.

Sautéed String Beans and Crispy Shallots

Add some green to the table with this crisp side. Pro tip: this recipe pairs perfectly with our gluten-free potstickers. If you’re feeling extra inspired, this vegan turmeric cashew sauce recipe is another excellent companion to our potstickers.

Egg Roll Lettuce Wraps

This egg-roll-on-a-night-out recipe is the perfect way to dress up the classic snack for a special occasion. Grab some veggies, snag a sous chef, and get chopping. Then, all that’s left to do is to whip up our three ingredient sauce while the gluten-free egg rolls are in the oven, and then it’s crunch time!


As presenters are opening envelopes and announcing award winners, it’s the perfect time to enjoy this delicious combination of cheese, sauce and toppings enveloped in pillowy dough. Better yet, our gluten-free calzones are perfectly palm-sized, making them the perfect couch snack.


If all of the haute couture and dripping jewels have you craving a rich dessert to match, our gluten-free blondie recipe might fit the bill.
If your watch party is taking place at the tail end of the awards season calendar, you can celebrate the sweetness of warming temperatures with our gluten-free strawberry shortcake. (This recipe also includes instructions for our go-to gluten-free flour mixture.)
Finally, if you’re looking for a gluten-free dessert that is truly decadent, gluten-free chocolate molten cake is the way to go (a la mode, of course). With this dessert, everyone’s a winner; and, the recipe is served in individual ramekins, so there’s no need to share.