Our Go-To Gluten-Free Summer BBQ Recipes

As the temperature heats up, we’re shaking off spring showers and searching up ‘best bbq near me.’ Though habit may push us towards ordering take-out to satisfy gluten-free summer cravings, we have plenty of delicious gluten-free bbq recipes for your better-for-you bash.

Day-Saving Dips

Dips are an essential tool for keeping your loved ones happy while the grill is firing up. Luckily, we have a ton of gluten-free dip recipes perfect for staving off their hunger. Our ever-popular crab rangoon dip perfectly suits a salty, creamy craving. This gluten-free 7-layer dip is another one of our classic crowd-pleasers. And, the summer is a perfect time to indulge in our time-tested top-secret guacamole recipe.

Essential Side Dishes

No summer bbq would be complete without a couple of classic side dishes. Add a bit of heat to a refreshing summer staple with our mouthwatering rendition of kicked-up coleslaw. And, round out your summer bbq spread with our go-to gluten-free mac and cheese recipe, or simplify your day by popping our gluten-free mac & cheese bites in the oven.

Fruit and Veg

One of the easiest ways that you can expand your gluten-free spread is by throwing some simple fruits and veggies on the grill. Corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, and grilled peppers are perfect gluten-free greens, and by grilling peaches, you can bring out the best of their summery, mouthwatering sweetness. Simply halve them, remove the pits, brush the sides with oil and grill cut side down until they start to soften. Feeling fancy? Top with cinnamon and sugar, or serve them a-la-mode.

A Meaty Main Course

When you picture a summer bbq, odds are that your mind jumps to an image of a grill stacked with sizzling sausages and patties. However, if you’re buying your bbq burgers from the supermarket, keep an eye out for labels to ensure that your patty is 100% beef — some store-bought burgers are supplemented with fillers that may include gluten-containing grains. Hot dogs may also contain these fillers, so make sure to do your research or opt for one of our homemade gluten free bbq recipes for your entree option. Our spicy and savory southwestern turkey burger pairs deliciously with a gluten-free bun!
Ensure that your summer bbq is accessible to all of your gluten-free friends by leaving the gluten buns at home, or avoiding cross-contamination by making the grill a gluten-free zone.
Sauces are also an unexpected hiding place where gluten-containing ingredients may pop up. Thickeners, coloring, soy sauce, and beer are all bbq sauce ingredients that can contain gluten, so vigilant label reading is essential. You can also make sure that your fixings are gluten-free by whipping up homemade sauce recipes like our vegan turmeric cashew sauce, homemade marinara sauce, and jalapeño cilantro chimichurri sauce.

Soon-To-Be Demolished Desserts

We have no shortage of gluten-free dessert recipes that are perfectly suited to a summer afternoon. In many parts of North America, we’re smack-dab in the middle of strawberry season, which makes our gluten-free strawberry shortcake an essential addition to the bbq menu. Alternatively, our chewy, fudgy gluten-free blondies are perfect for celebrating warm weather (especially when paired with ice cream). And, if your older partygoers are craving a more refreshing treat, you can’t pass up our mint blueberry mojitos.