The Ultimate Gluten-Free Super Bowl Snack Spread

Next weekend, many Americans will be gathering around the television to watch the showdown between the Bengals and Rams during Super Bowl LVI. Some may be die-hard fans of the game itself while others may be more invested in the commercial breaks, but everyone knows that Super Bowl Sunday wouldn’t be complete without some delicious game day snacks.

Join the ranks of the true Super Bowl winners by stocking up on these ridiculously simple and flavorful gluten-free bites.


Pizza is heralded as the ultimate game day snack, and for good reason: any variation of the crisp crust, mouthwatering sauce, and caramelized cheese is sure to be just as crowd-pleasing as it is shareable. It’s no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for pizzerias, but you can skip the line and maximize freshness with any (or all) of our three delicious pies.
Satiate your cheese craving with our Four Cheese Square Pan Pizza, savor the bright, herby pesto that tops our homage to the classic Margherita, and embrace the indulgent umami of our Truffle Mushroom Square Pan Pizza.
We prefer our pizza Detroit-style, with the sauce on top. Instead of being tucked between cheese and crust, this allows our sauce to take center stage. But, we also believe that the key to a great pizza is a great crust. Each of our pies bakes in its own included tray, cultivating the caramelized cheese that spreads to the crisp edges of our Sicilian-style crust. Popping these pizzas in the oven is incredibly easy, but be warned: you may be left agonizing over which slice to dig into first.


If you’ll be surrounded by avid football fans this Super Bowl Sunday and want to minimize the potential for referee-related sauce-spillage, our calzones are the way to go. Cheesy goodness is contained in two variations of the perfectly portable pocket: opt for a classic combination of tomato sauce, cheese, onions, and basil with our Meatball Parmesan Calzones, or add some zing with the spicy tang of our Buffalo-Style Chicken Calzones.

Snack Bites

These scrumptious pizza rolls round out our Super Bowl pizza trifecta (and there’s no shame in stocking your game day spread with all three). Munch on our Three Cheese Snack Bites in between plays, pair our savory Chicken Sausage Snack Bites with anything from buffalo to barbecue sauce, and savor the salty spice of our Uncured Pepperoni Snack Bites.

Mac & Cheese Bites

Equip your local football fans with this classic comfort food — they’ll probably thank you once the fourth quarter rolls around. You can never go wrong with the yellow cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan blend of our Three Cheese Mac & Cheese Bites, but if you want to try something new, we’ve got you covered. Savor our hearty Sausage & Kale Mac & Cheese Bites, or opt for our Truffle Mac & Cheese Bites for an elevated version of the childhood classic.

Mozzarella Sticks

The sheer snackability of this cheesy appetizer catapulted it to the top of DoorDash’s list of most-ordered foods for Super Bowl Sunday. However, prepping a warm batch of our Mozzarella Sticks at home ensures their characteristic crunch and makes your cheese pulls that much more enviable. And, unlike delivered mozzarella sticks, ours are completely gluten-free!