Reliable Travel Snacks

If you’re a frequent traveler, whether for work or play, you know the struggle of airport food. Feeling full and satisfied during a long day of travel is a luxury that most on-the-go people do not have. A way to combat your hunger and urge to grab a bag of potato chips or a pre-made deli sandwich is to prep some snackage for the day! Easier said than done, I know. But if you can at least prep for one portion of your trip, whether that be at home before your departing flight or within the city you are visiting before you head back home, you’ll feel so much better! Now let’s get to grubbin’.

Granola Bar

One of the most predictable, yet well-rounded, snacks is a granola bar. There’s a reason these handheld oat bars are a staple, but what if you make your own? Tailoring your granola bar to your dietary needs is pretty cool, and it’s also super simple. One of my personal faves is from blogger Aimee Song, and it’s her infamous “raw bar”. You can find the recipe here on her blog.


Next up is a salad. Now, don’t be strayed; let’s think this one through. Salads come in many shapes and sizes, and the most mobile of salads is one that does not contain lettuce. Let’s face it, lettuce wilts, it gets soggy, and it’s not supposed to lose its green color. So swap that lettuce for some quinoa or couscous, add a medley of vegetables, and toss it in your backpack! This one from Chelsea’s Messy Apron has a Greek twist and is full of flavor and fiber that’ll keep you FULL!

Trail Mix

This last one might sound like a cop out because it’s basically a deconstructed granola bar, but the experience is completely different. Sometimes when you’re delayed at your gate or stuck on the runway, all you want to do is munch on something. So put down the popcorn and chocolate and take out your trail mix, another classic case where the homemade version is much healthier and tailored to your needs than the mainstream alternative. Just make sure you pack it with some nuts that are high in fat as well as dried fruit for that sweet tooth! Samantha from Five Heart Home knows how to do it right… check it out here.

Happy traveling and comment below what your go-to on-the-go snack is! Let’s share the love!