The Feel Good Holiday Season

Check out #FeelGoodAtTheHolidays for more holiday snacking content! This winter we are putting an extra emphasis on feeling GOOD.

We’ve rallied a few of our foodie friends to spread the love and show us how they #feelgoodattheholidays with Feel Good Foods snacks. Our appetizers are perfect for this time of year. Don’t forget to check  our store locator to find where we are sold near you.

Eat your pizza bites with any salad. They're delicious for any occasion.


This is the perfect example of what we like to call a “make-it-a-meal” and Marlena of @zestmylemon is an absolute pro! She took our new cauliflower crust Snack Bites and paired them with a salad…and not just any salad but one reminiscent of those yummy salads you can get at a pizza shop. The best. A make-it-a-meal is a great solution for a busy holiday schedule. Just pop our bites in the oven (or air fryer) and whip up a simple salad!


Hannah of @hannahavison showed us another great way of enjoying our appetizers during this time of year. Getting ready to go out for the night? Didn’t have time to eat a full meal all day? We’ve got you covered! Pick up some of our Snack Bites at Target or another one of our foods that tickles your fancy and you will have the perfect pre-holiday party nibble. Cheers!


Our friend Colleen over at @servingupsimplicity has taken snack spread to a whole new and beautiful level. We all know that you can never go wrong with a platter of bites out during the holidays. But we especially love this twist that Colleen put on the traditional meat and cheese board (which we adore just as equally as you’ll see below!). Our Potstickers and Egg Rolls really shine when surrounded by fresh fruits and veggies. YUM!


We cannot believe how creative our FGF fam gets with these Snack Bites! Leave it to the professionals to put together gorgeous plates such as this one. Julie of @girlmeetskitchen really highlights the pizza aspect of our Bites by adoring this platter with cured meats and top notch cheese. Doesn’t this plate have sitting by the fire with a glass of wine written all over it? Turn up the holiday tunes because we are ready to chill out.

Get your pizza bites and enjoy them with salami and a tomato dip.