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Trust us, we know good food. Founded by a restauranteur and a chef who was on a mission to provide gluten-free, delicious, better-for-you versions of your favorite comfort foods you know and love. We want you to enjoy shareable snacks and have memorable meals–without the worry.

Find us in the frozen aisle at stores nationwide.

Certified Gluten-Free

Keep the flavor, skip the gluten. All of our products are Certified Gluten-Free.

Chef Driven

Made with fewer, better ingredients crafted with flavors from around the world.

Ready In Minutes

Conveniently frozen so you can enjoy a snack or create a delicious meal within minutes.

Our Story

It all started with a restauranteur who was determined to make gluten-free, chef-inspired comfort food more accessible to everyone.

Our Food Philosophy

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Oat milk did to soy milk what Zoom did to Skype and we are here for it 🙌

Comment a 🍌 if you’ve tried our new Banana Pancake Bites made with ✨oat milk✨ and get a coupon for $2 off at the link in our bio!

🥓 Mini Pierogies 🥓 These tasty, bite-sized morsels are made with a tender, gluten-free rice flour dough and natural ingredients like uncured bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. In a word: Perfection. ...

Let’s petition for cheese to be its own food group. Comment 💛 for *Yes* and comment 🧀 for *Is it not already?!*

Check out our Mozzarella Sticks at the link in our bio!

Thank you @joysmindfulmagic for this crunchy, cheesy goodness! 😍🤤

Skip the flowers and get her what she really wants: an edible bouquet made by ✨you✨!

Here’s what you’ll need:
🥞 Feel Good Foods Pancake Bites
🍫 Melted dark, milk, or white chocolate
🌈 Rainbow sprinkles
💕 Piping frosting

Mamas, tag your loved ones so they get the ✨subtle✨ hint on how to celebrate YOU this Mother’s Day😋🍽🌼☕️🤫

Comment the emoji combo you are hoping for!

Food for thought: can the food you’re eating right now be improved with a gluten-free Egg Roll?🤔💭 And do you want that Egg Roll to be Chicken or Vegetable?! 💛

@marketbasket_boujee paired her egg roll with this gorgeous health bowl! 💪

It’s Celiac Awareness Month! 🙅‍♀️🥖 Embrace your inner Lady Whistledown and comment your *favorite*misconception someone’s said to you when they found out you’re gluten-free! ...

“Not gonna lie, when I heard of cauliflower pizza bites I was a bit skeptical BUT I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE PIZZA ROLLS. They have become my guilty pleasure at 3 am and whenever I’m in a time crunch. Lately I’ve been so busy and these are delicious and so easy! Thanks @feelgoodfoods yet again 🤩💖” - @the_glutenfree_lifestyle ...

My moon was in Three Cheese Bites, but I’m orbiting back to Chicken Egg Rolls 😋 Let us know how your stars align in the comments 👇 ...

We give this a 100/10 😍

Check out @milkfreemom for this gluten-free and dairy-free ramen recipe!