About Us

Before Feel Good Foods was born, Vanessa was making gluten-free lasagnas out of her studio apartment and delivering them to New Yorkers by bike. Tryg was working as a chef at fine dining restaurants in New York City. Together they teamed up to open a small café inside New York’s historic Chelsea Market with a mission to create simple, high-quality foods.

Armed with early success, they wanted to find a way to reach more people. Tryg had developed a recipe for gluten-free potstickers, which Vanessa loved. She ate them daily and a light bulb went off! She packed the potstickers in a ziplock bag with a lot of dry ice and hope, and shipped them off to Whole Foods Market. That was their start. Fast forward to today and a full line—including egg rolls, empanadas, taquitos and meals—is sold in thousands of grocery stores nationwide.