Invest In Yourself

With only a few weeks left this summer season, it’s time to brush up on a some self care rituals to get us ready for fall.

Health and Wellness

Add lemon to your water.

There are a lot of health benefits to drinking lemon water: immunity booster, help reduce stiffness or pain in your joints, cleanse toxins in your body, aid in digestion and they’re a great source of Vitamin C.

Practice morning yoga.

Doing yoga in the morning adjusts your sleep rhythm and helps stabilize your hormones. It’s the perfect caffeine alternative because the type of breathing you perform during yoga helps stimulate your mind and body. Fresh oxygen wakes up the brain like a jolt of caffeine and it will also help prevent any achy-ness throughout the day.

Time Savers

Don’t check your phone when you first wake up.

This isn’t to say you should never check your phone in the morning, but try going at least four days without looking directly at your phone when you wake up. Give yourself a few hours…stretch, open the blinds, turn on some music! Allow your mind to wake up naturally. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save!

Plan out your days.

Make a list of what the week will look like. Whether you’re worried about work or personal life, it’s always beneficial to write things down. If you find yourself scrolling through your phone, jot down a list of what errands you need to run. It’ll save you a lot of time and help hold yourself accountable. Taking the time to do this aids in avoiding stressful situations.


Give yourself YOU time.

With an overflowing schedule, especially during the summer when you’re trying to cram in all the activities you want to do, it can get overwhelming. It’s extremely important to give yourself a break for your mental health. Whether it’s 20 minutes, an hour or an entire day, you owe it to your wellbeing to turn off your phone, go workout, write, nap, go window shopping, go on a walk, read a good book or even take yourself out on a date.

You should have some extra time to spare after pairing down on screen time and planning out your week. You deserve time to just be you!

-Article by Cheyanne Gonzales