Overnight Oats

A filling breakfast that is so easy to prep, you’ll soon be making it with your eyes closed! Eyeballing all of the ingredients is completely acceptable, but if you’re a rule-follower, checkout the recipe below to enter the wonderful world of overnight oats…

½ cup of oats of your choice (we prefer gluten-free)
½ cup of milk of your choice
1 tsp. of chia seeds
1 tsp. of cinnamon
1-2 tbsp. of nut butter
1 tbsp. of honey
2 tbsp. of raisins

Stir this all together in a jar or a bowl–something with a lid. Top with fruit (whatever is in season…bananas are always good but pears are the best when they are ripe). Make it the night before, store in the fridge, and you’ll have breakfast for the AM!